Monday, 14 September 2009

I sometimes tire of the media's endless fascination with women's breasts. Helen Mirren's, gorgeously statuesque in THAT bikini, Ulrika's baggily adroop (thank heavens she's now had corrective surgery, and thanks too to OK magazine for giving us such a comprehensive photographic record of the results). And what one tabloid newspaper so charmingly referred to as Keira Knightly's 'fleabites'. Hard to know which is the greatest crime in celeb world. Too big, too small - or simply too saggy.
But of course breasts are very noticeable. Even covered up they are undeniably and obviously there. Unlike male sexual characteristics, which tend to be discreetly tucked away, for the most part.
This makes me wonder if one way of making sure male sexuality gets a fair look in when it comes to media scrutiny would be for men to put a little more of themselves on show. Nothing too obvious, you understand. Cut away jeans revealing a provocative hint of scrotum perhaps. Or a cheeky glimpse of foreskin.

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  1. Stuff that is truely sexy, ways of talking, moving, self confidence do not appear to be within the paparazzi photographer's talent to capture.

    I would so love to see the media shift to focus on actual talent, things worth knowing about a person, woman, other than their looks. If the looks of post-pubescent people are even referenced it should be to praise them for the wisdom and sexiness of being at ease with themselves. Judi Dench wears her wrinkles extremely well, Joan Rivers....