Monday, 18 May 2009

In praise of pyjamas

Everyone should have at least two pairs - but heaven forbid they should be the scratchy checked cotton variety. Pyjamas should be soft, warm - or cool as required, and caress your skin, without, in any way, judging you. Not unlike the perfect lover. Pure cotton or silk are ideal pyjama fabrics, and they should be lightly scented with lavender, and worn at least a size larger than normal day wear, to facilitate much lounging - usually on sofas in front of a tv or DVD player, and also the kind of snacking that can sometimes cause a bulging tummy. Pyjamas are the only item of clothing in a woman's wardrobe that can legitimately flaunt an elasticated waist.
I was charmed and delighted to see that some recent guests very sensibly stayed in their pyjamas nearly all day. It did my heart good to see their obvious contentment and reinforced my viewpoint that pyjamas were created in order to make our lives more comfortable and pleasurable.
But of course the test of a really pleasing pyjama garment is the noise made by the wearer as pyjama and skin first make contact. A kind of contented sigh - like the sound made in response to a lover's touch.

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