Monday, 27 July 2009

Blowing in the wind

Yet again, I have not blogged for a while/ Where do the days go? Like clouds in a puff of a wind, they disappear in the great blue yonder of life. Talking of wind, I heard Bob Dylan on the radio this morning. (Bear with me, there's an - admittedly - rather tenuous link here). I was so enjoying his warblings about the answer, which was of course blowing in the wind - but as I crooned along, I was unsettled to find myself frowning, as I considered that most practical of problems - the washing.
After another enjoyable and busy Mummy Me Time weekend, our ancient washing machine was coping manfully with 17 loads of washing - but drying the stuff was another matter. There are only so many bannisters over which to drape sheets, and the airer was already full. And as Bob pointed out, we didn't want this week's writer guests to feel as if they were staying in a laundry type establishment. There was nothing for it. I had to grit my teeth and load the tumble dryer. This was only the second time I had ever used the thing and I wasn't happy. In the same way that I dislike microwaves, I have a deep aversion to tumble dryers. They seem strangely unnnatural. Yes, I know, washing machines are too, but I draw the line at taking a ton of white sheets and towels down to the river and slapping them on stones.
However, as I was pondering the tumble dryer dilemma, a wonderful thing happened. The teeming rain slowed - and stopped. The grey clouds scudded away, revealing blue sky and those lovely white fluffy clouds which look so cuddly, and a nice friendly breeze kicked in. Practically shrieking with joy, I rushed outside clutching armfuls of white laundry, and moments later, was happily surveying it flapping on the line. Very happy to report that three dry loads later, rain shows no sign of stopping play. Yes, I know you have your own problems to which you need to find solutions. But I knew you'd want to share my joy.

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