Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A good blogger blogs at least 3 times a week. It's a week since I last blogged. I'm ashamed. My July 7th resolution is to blog more often.
Running a retreat is all about calmness. And last night one of our lovely guests told me that I have an aura of calm about me. What a delightful compliment. So why then, with a photoshoot for the potentially hugely successful iwalkdevon website/online mag looming, am I shaking so much that I managed to stick my mascara brush in my eye? Oh I'm calm alright - until you start waving a camera in my direction. Why? Why? After years of saying soothingly to reluctant interviewees, 'You'll look great in the pictures - you'll enjoy the shoot,' I am discovering that life on the other side of the lens can be uncomfortable to say the least. I loathe being photographed - and recently, it seems, I've done a lot of it. Call me a media whore, but in the last few months, I've been photographed for features in the Times, The Telegraph and The Express. Each was toecurlingly embarassing - and by the end of a 2 hour session of being told to lift my chin, move my hip further forwards, turn slightly to the left, to the right, look up - and of course smile smile smile - my body feels as if it doesn't belong to me, and my face invariably aches (and weirdly, quivers). I also now have a huge respect and admiration for professional models.
But, it's all for the good of the cause, so here we go again....clad in the brightly coloured clothes photographers love, wearing plenty of slap for courage. And of course a big smile..

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