Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Expressing myself

As a freelance journo, over the years I have interviewed a lot of people. Most people are pretty good interviewees and seem to enjoy it - and now I understand why. Since launching Retreats for you, I've been interviewed a couple of times - and I have to report that talking about yourself while someone listens intently is very enjoyable. It's basically a license to unleash the narcissist that lies within us all.
Yesterday I was interviewed by the charming Sadie Nicholas, for a feature soon to come out in the Express - hooray! Chatting about how Retreats for you came to be, and how it works was huge fun, and I'm afraid I may have bent her ear for longer than was actually required.
The photoshoot, which is this afternoon, will be less fun, I fear. The brief is no black and plenty of slap. Smile please..

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