Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jenni Murray

I love Jenni Murray. Not enough to stalk her or anything, but enough to fantasise regularly about the rather wonderful prospect of being interviewed by her on that shrine of good sense and balanced wisdom that is Woman's hour.
'So, Deborah,' she'd say. 'Tell us why you decided to launch 'Retreats for you.'
'Well Jenni,' I'd say, basking in her mellifluous tones. 'It all began one day early last year when I realised four of out five of the bedrooms in our house were empty 90% of the time. This is clearly madness, I thought to myself as I wandered from room to room, idly folding redundant duvets, and fruitlessly plumping pillows that hadn't felt the imprint of a cheek in many months. These rooms - this house are/is crying out for life - preferably of the intelligent and sensitive variety.' And so the interview would progress. Jenni would nod encouragingly as she asked the kind of questions that simultaneously put someone at ease and draw out full responses. And I would not hold back as I described how Retreats for you came to be, in a manner that could only fascinate and draw the listener in.
Jenni, if you're reading this, give us a call.

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